Win The Shelf With Print and Consumer Premium Inserts

For 20 years, Insight has designed and supplied a variety of kid and adult targeted inserts, from coupons to collectible toys.

Print and Consumer Premiums Insight Inc.
Print and Consumer Premiums Insight Inc.


Every insert is designed meticulously to appeal to targeted consumers, to be delivered on-time and at the expected price point, and to be successfully inserted or applied to your packaging with no disruptions to production. That’s Design With Intent™.


Insight has worked with the largest global food and beverage brands. We have vast experience employing food-safe materials that meet federal, international and client standards.


When supplying in-pack kids premiums, child safety is the top priority. Insight designs toys to meet the toughest global and client standards, then we verify compliance with the leading certified testing labs. We have our own in-house safety manual and a proven quality process.


Insight manages the engineering, prototyping, tooling, production and packaging for a variety of custom print and consumer premium formats. We have audited facilities available in US, Mexico, Canada and Asia that have met global CPG and Disney standards.


Our supply chain network is global, and so our logistics capabilities are also global. We’ll deliver a promotional concept turn-key, from ideation to delivery.


If your promotion can benefit from digital engagement, Insight can manage the design and integration of digital tactics that compliment the physical insert.  Extend the life of your insert to mobile, tablets and computers with surveys, games or augmented reality.