Innovation Deserves Different.

We’re for brands seeking growth, but who realize it won’t happen by using the exact same playbook as everyone else.

We believe your biggest opportunities are unleashed by bringing creativity back into your manufacturing environment.

Home Insight Inc.

Greater Certainty
Before Launch

Ever worked on a new product launch that underdelivered? You're not alone.

Companies dedicate more time and resources to new product development than ever before, and yet the failure rate of new product launches is still 70%. We believe you deserve better odds.

Sampling 2.0 is designed to give you greater confidence before launch, with better reach, better response, and better data, all done at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Win The Shelf

Three ways we help brands win the shelf.
1   Differentiation at The Moment of Truth
Ensure your brand stands out from the competition.
2   Longer-Lasting Consumer Impressions
Gain longer-lasting consumer impressions with in-pack collectable premiums, repeatable programs and interactive offerings.
3   Higher-Impact Engagement
Achieve higher-impact engagement through digital experiences unlocked by blending physical in-packs and digital capabilities.
Home Insight Inc.
Home Insight Inc.

Fast & Flexible
Manufacturing Solutions

Packaging mishaps happen and we love a challenge. With expertise in resolving packaging issues of all sizes, our team of technical specialists has extensive experience solving problems across a wide range of manufacturing environments.

Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment followed by the swift implementation of tailored, innovative solutions.

We prioritize working within your schedule and budget to save you time and resources, with the goal of keeping your assignment on track.